Thursday, October 04, 2007

When Thinking about 21st Century Biotech, Don’t Overlook Georgia

another region weighing into the biotech industry as the source of new jobs...

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK - Quick quiz: Which state does this phrase most apply:

“21st Century Bioeconomy”

North Carolina comes to mind. California, certainly. Massachusetts, of course.

What about Georgia?

Yes, the Peach State is conceding no ground in development of a biotech industry with applications in pharmaceutical development, biofuels and much more. For example, last month, state and local officials announced plans to turn part of U.S. Army base Fort McPherson into a biotech campus.

The goal: Produce a technology hub similar to Research Triangle Park or MIT.

While North Carolina justifiably takes pride in its booming biotech industry (more than 400 companies, more than 40,000 jobs), leaders in the biotech sector constantly warn that the state can’t take the sector for granted. Other states – especially Georgia – have targeted life sciences and biotech as major economic growth objectives.

Georgia’s drive was highlighted this week at the annual Georgia Bio conference and the release of the Georgia Bio organization’s second annual report on the state’s life science sector. It’s title speaks to Georgia’s public and private sector commitment to biotech: “Shaping Infinity.”

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