Monday, October 22, 2007

New nerves grown from fat cells

I should be ok then...plenty of supply...

New nerves grown from stem cells taken from a patient's fat could be available by 2011, researchers have said.

They could potentially be used to repair peripheral nerves left severed by surgery or accidents.

Manchester University scientists plan to place the new nerve tissue inside a biodegradable plastic tube, which can be used to rejoin the two broken ends.

The findings of their study on rats, in Experimental Neurology, could help hundreds of people a year, they say.

The patients will not be able to tell that they had ever 'lost' [the feeling to] their limb

At the moment, only limited techniques are available to help repair nerves outside the spinal cord, even though they have a limited capacity to regrow.

Other nerves from elsewhere in the patient are often used, which does not restore perfect function and can cause further damage.

The Manchester technique uses stem cells - immature cells which the body naturally uses to create different tissue types.

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