Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Global biotech firms on India quest

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Indian shores turn attractive for clinical trials.

Close on the heels of global pharmaceutical giants, international biotechnology companies are also finding India an irresistible attraction, though for different reasons.

If the low-cost availability of raw materials was the major reason for global generic pharmaceutical majors such as Teva, Mylan and Actavis to have an Indian base, the emerging opportunities in clinical trials is driving the biotech majors towards the country.

Of the top-10 global biotech companies, the biggest two — Amgen and Biogen — have already set up wholly owned subsidiaries in the country.

Others, such as Genentech, Serono, Chiron, Gilead, among others already have their presence in India through marketing partners and are in the process of exploring business opportunities in a big way.

For instance, Biogen Idec, the oldest biotech company in the US, announced the setting up of its wholly owned domestic subsidiary Biogen Idec Biotech India last month. Biogen, which had a sales of $2.7 million in 2006, also indicated its commitment of significant investments in the Indian R&D segment.

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