Monday, March 17, 2008

New Corporate Pharma Blog- Centocor

Corporate blogs are still few and far between...especially corporate blogs in the Pharm Bio market sector...

Check out CNTO411...Centocor's corporate blog...

Even though some voices in the blogosphere are bouncing around some negative comments about corporate blogging, Centocor should be applauded for their efforts...

Will they find it difficult?...maybe

Will it be worthwhile?... it might not seem so at first

Will they drop the effort if it doesn't appear to produce observable results?...hope not

for an explanation of the purpose of corporate blogging-(and an explanation of the odd little cartoon at the top of this post...)
click here

hint- it has to do with a porous membrane

1 comment:

Marc Monseau said...

Love the link to the gaping void cartoon. Yes -- but, as usual, Hugh provides some terrific insights. Not many corporate bloggers out there -- and far to few in the healthcare industry -- but if we are going to really start to understand how the world is changing, we are going to have to start to be part of the conversation.