Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Baxter Heparin Saga...pick your spin...

There are a lot of different ways to look at this issue...

- Writer's Scare Tatics..."Tampering possible in China"

- Troubleshooting drug safety is scientific challenge...heparin-like molecules

- FDA and manufacturer cooperate to maintain drug supply...Earlier this month, the firm stopped production, but the FDA wanted to keep the existing Baxter heparin in doctors' hands because it did not want to cause a shortage of the life-saving drug. Agency officials said increased production by the other heparin manufacturer can now satisfy the demand.

- FDA doesn't inspect overseas manufacturing sites...The FDA has averaged just 15 inspections in China in each of the last five years

- Lack of FDA oversight on imports...Flood of drugs, little oversight by regulators

- Outsourcing causes quality problems...Baxter’s Heparin Problems May Have China Connection

- Chinese quality control...Baxter tests point to Chinese problem

- Realtime crisis management...Call to action at Baxter

Manufacturer intitiates recall...Baxter Issues Urgent Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Heparin

Before you decide on which drum you think should be beat on, just remeber that these issues are harder to solve than you might think...

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