Thursday, February 15, 2007

Astra Zeneca Pledges $10M to Cancer Society

Good news...I wish more pharma companies would step up like this...

ATLANTA (AP) -- A drug company is pledging $10 million to The American Cancer Society - one of the largest gifts in the organization's history - to help provide one-on-one support for cancer patients in U.S. hospitals, the organization announced Wednesday.

The unusual gift is from AstraZeneca PLC, an international pharmaceutical company.
It's earmarked for a program that stations specially-trained Cancer Society employees in 60 hospitals and cancer treatment centers. The "navigators" guide patients to social and emotional support, transportation, medical and financial assistance services.

The gift will allow the program to expand to 50 more locations in medically underserved areas, said Nancy Single, the Cancer Society's vice president for mission strategy.

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