Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FDA seizes drugs worth $74,000

How come we can't get this level of enforcement on real drugs??...

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the seizure of $74,000 worth of Xiadafil VIP tablets after SEI Pharmaceuticals refused to withdraw them from the market.

A formal request for the recall of the erectile dysfunction dietary supplement was issued by the FDA after it discovered batches contained an undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

SEI refused to recall the products leading to the FDA enlisting US Marshals to seize the batches to prevent more illegal Xiadafil from being sold.

Margaret Glavin, associate commissioner of the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs, said: “Today’s seizure action shows that the FDA will take enforcement action to protect the public from dietary supplements that contain prescription drug ingredients that are potentially harmful to consumers.

“The FDA will not tolerate a company’s failure to take voluntary action to protect the public health after being given the opportunity by the FDA to do so.”

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