Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amgen calls Roche 'snake-oil salesman'

I can't wait for the the headline of the Street Journal...

"and you're a big doo-doo head!!! there..."

No way, Roche. Amgen rejected a royalty offer from the Swiss drugmaker, which wants to sell an anemia drug that would compete against Amgen's signature blockbusters. Mircera, Roche's version, was approved by the FDA in November, but a jury ruled that the drug would infringe on Amgen's patents. Despite a juicy royalty offer of some 20 percent--twice that paid by Johnson & Johnson for its Procrit med--Amgen is holding fast.

In fact, according to court documents, the California company is scrapping for the fight. After likening Roche to a "snake-oil salesman," Amgen says in court documents, "The only thing more astonishing than Roche's false assertions of its public interests is it chutzpah now in proposing that the Court order a license at a royalty rate of 20 percent."

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