Tuesday, November 06, 2007

China Biotech 2008

and China weighs in on the biotech front...

An executive report on the emerging companies, government incentives and recent investments that are defining China's burgeoning biotech industry. Plus, access to China Biotechnology database!

China Biotech 2008, a new report written by General Biologic and published by BioWorld Today, provides an unprecedented look at biotechnology activities in China. This report provides an in-depth review of the biotech industry mix (service provider, innovators and biogenerics companies), provides an analysis of the Chinese government's role in biotech, and investigates the fundamentals of success and failures present within the commercial enterprise sector.

Hundreds of new biotech companies have recently emerged in China, and several have even listed shares on the U.S. capital markets – a bold sign of things to come. Indeed, biotechnology services, innovation and generics have thrived despite a number of significant obstacles. This report reviews these obstacles and illustrates the tenacity of China's companies to succeed. We review how these different areas in China are being shaped by different forces and how each one will play an important role on the global biotech stage.

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