Tuesday, July 10, 2007

China Admits Executing Former Food Safety Chief


Chinese Olympic Games assures safe food supply...oh, really...

How does this play out?

The toothpaste, the fish, the pet food...these are the ones we know about...

30 years ago, China was found to be the source of questionable product which caused multiple deaths...what's changed since then?

Unfornately, executing one person doesn't show the Chinese government is serious about reforming drug and food safety...I am afraid it proves exactly the opposite...China makes an example out of one poor soul, spins the media cycle with the "we need to improve..." headline backed up with the unspoken headline; "Look how serious we are, we killed the guy..."

We all nod and agree that it is a very serious issue...

And then they go back to business as usual...

I hope we aren't having this conversation 30 years from know...and more people don't have to lose their lives in order to get some progress on this painful issue.

China's drug watchdog has admitted food and drug safety supervision in the country is poor and in need of improvement. The comments came as China executed the former head of its food and drug administration for allowing unsafe drugs to enter the market in exchange for bribes.

China's food and drug administration spokeswoman, Yan Jiangying, acknowledged to reporters Tuesday China's food and drug safety was "unsatisfactory" and the country was facing a tough situation in supervising standards.

"As a developing country, China's food and drug supervision work began late and its foundations are weak," she said. "Therefore, the food and drug safety situation is not something we can be optimistic about."

Yan's comments came as the official Xinhua news agency reported the execution of the former head of the food and drug administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, after he was found guilty of corruption and dereliction of duty.

Zheng was sentenced to death in May for accepting cash and gifts worth more than $830,000 from pharmaceutical companies. Xinhua said his appeal was rejected because of the immense damage he had caused to public health and safety.

During his time as chief, the administration approved many medicines that did not meet standards, including six fake drugs. Zheng was the highest level official to be executed in seven years.

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sue said...

glad to hear that China government is doing something, the q is how long this will last.

2nd Q is 'does the funishment need to be 'death'?' where is China's human right?