Friday, January 12, 2007

Wonder organ transplant solution

and here's another one...

Scientists and transplant surgeons in Edinburgh have developed a new preservative which should improve the success rate of organ transplants.

They have produced a new solution which prevents blood clots inside the organ, making it more likely that the transplant will work.

It is thought the liquid increases the length of time organs can be preserved.

This could make it possible to transport organs long distances and improve the chances of a good match.

Using a chemical, which contains nitric oxide, scientists have been monitoring the results of replacing the preserving liquid containing glutathione.

This could facilitate transporting organs internationally for specific donors, improving the chances of a good tissue match

Tests showed nitric oxide kept blood vessels open, which can also reduce clotting.

Cells lining blood vessels were also protected against harmful free radicals produced by oxygen in the recipient's blood after transplantation, they said.

The scientists said preserving this layer of cells - the endothelium - is vital to making sure enough blood flows to the organ after transplantation.

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