Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NNE scoops up Pharmaplan

The consolidation of the engineering industry continues...and it includes our European collegues...

20/12/2006 - NNE and Fresenius ProServe yesterday announced they had reached an agreement by which NNE will acquire Fresenius’ subsidiary, engineering company Pharmaplan GmbH.

Fresenius ProServe has sold the company in a further step to focus its attention on the hospital and healthcare business, and its aspirations to participate in the privatisation of the hospital market.
Neither company are disclosing financial details regarding the acquisition, which is effective as of 1 January 2007. The companies will however have to wait for anti-trust approval from the relevant authorities before the deal can be finally implemented; this is expected no sooner than March 2007.

Pharmatec, a subsidiary of Pharmaplan that manufactures pure steam, pure water and sterilisation equipment, is not included in the transaction and will be divested by Fresenius at a later date.

Pharmaplan provides consulting, engineering and qualification/validation services for the pharmaceutical industry, supplementing NNE's business with delivery of turnkey facilities and key pharmaceutical processes. NNE contributes to the partnership with expertise in biotechnology, cleanroom and automation.

Operating under the name NNE Pharmaplan, the company will be headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, but will also maintain Pharmaplan's current site near Frankfurt, Germany, as an additional European hub.

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