Friday, May 12, 2006

Disgraced stem cell scientist indicted for fraud

a bad situation going worse...

SEOUL (AFP) - South Korea's disgraced cloning expert Hwang Woo-Suk was indicted on fraud, embezzlement and ethical charges relating to his faked stem cell research, a senior prosecutor said.

Five other scientists were also indicted on charges in connection with the bogus research and the disappearance of millions of dollars in donations, prosecutor Lee In-Kyu told a press conference.

"Dr Hwang was indicted on charges of fraud and embezzlement and breach of bioethics. And five others were also indicted" on various charges, said Lee, announcing the conclusions of a five-month probe into Hwang's case.

The indictment means the end of a scientific career for Hwang, who was once referred to as South Korea's 'supreme scientist'. If convicted on all charges, Hwang could face up to five years in prison, legal experts said.

Hwang, 52, became a national hero last year when he claimed that he had created 11 patient-specific stem cells in landmark research on cloning.

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