Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Researchers find 'no evidence' that hangover cures work

'Tis that season too...

LONDON (AFP) - Just in case there were any doubts, new research has concluded that the best way to beat a hangover -- at Christmas time or any other time -- is to steer clear of alcohol in the first place.

In a timely paper in the British Medical Journal, published Friday, three specialists in complementary medicine found "no compelling evidence" that conventional or alternative treatments can stave off the dreaded morning-after.

"Until the pathology of alcohol hangover is understood in more detail," wrote Max Pittler, Joris Verster and Edzard Ernst, "an effective intervention is likely to remain elusive."

"The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol-induced hangover is thus to practise abstinence or moderation."

Hangovers can be a real headache, and not just for revellers who have had a few too many.

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